Life Insurance

Why to opt for Life Insurance?

As the word suggests Life Insurance means an instrument to insure your life. Its a contract to ensure that a value to your life is calculated based on the financial needs which you provide for. The contract guarantees that your family is provided for after you pass.

However this is a very old and outdated view to Life Insurance

Modern life insurance bears some similarity to the Asset Management and life insurers have diversified their products into Retirement Products, Investment Products and even Legacy Products. The objective for insurance now can be long term as well short term.

While the primary objective is financial protection for your loved ones, other goals such as pension, Children's Education or even planning for paying a loan are equally relevant while planning insurance.

Several combination special Life insurance plans offer long term accumulative life benefit known as Survival Benefit, to Bonus Benefit or even Money Back. The reasons these products are most attractive as in most cases they dont attract tax and help earn more favorable benefits compared to Fixed Deposits or Post Office Plans

We highly recommend life insurance policies which serve these dual roles and with our experience we specialise in providing the best solutions customised to your financial needs

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How much Life Insurance do I need
While choosing a Life Insurance Policy, you need to consider the amount of money your dependents will need after your death. While it is a personal choice of deciding the amount of insurance you need to have based on what you decide to leave behind for you family, you need to consider the inflation impact. As a thumb rule we recommend 20 to 30 times your Annual Income in coverage. Other factors to consider is Income Replacement, Liability Coverage and Legacy for your family.
What are the different types of Life Insurance
  • Life Cover Plans
  • Endowment Plans
  • Child Education Plans
  • Retirement Planning
  • Liability Coverage
  • Gifting Plan
  • Lifelong Fixed Income Plans
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Should I opt for a pension plan or a Retirement Plan
Pension and Retirement Plans may sound the same but they are different products and have their own benefit . Pension plans generally give lesser returns compared to retirement plans. Moreover Pension Plans returns are taxable. Retirement Plans returns are treated as maturity benefits and therefore don’t attract tax. Finding the right advice to plan for the money for your retirement is very important and to know which plan is best with maximum returns and no Tax Liability Whatsapp RP to +91 98210 40979/ +91 98218 01818
Is medical necessary for taking Life Insurance
A Medical test is suggested by the Insurance company whenever it is mandated. Depending on the insurance cover you want, your age and your medical history, the Insurance company may decide to request for the medical test. The Underwriting officials in the Insurance company then decide if it impacts the premium amount. Medical test is not necessary for all insurance policies.