• When I met Pparag Rughani I wanted a Loan Top up, however with his expertise I was able to get my debt consolidation done. It helped me streamline my finances and reduce my cost of finance. He helped me secure a business loan which helped me plan the liquidity for the expansion of my business and overall when it comes to Loans I always depend on Pparag Rughani to help me and he has helped me use DEBT wisely and reduce my cost
    Namrata Lad
  • Pparag_findoc has our best interests in mind. Joel Marketing Consultants worked out the Home Loan deal for us and helped us get maximum Loan amount possible. The entire loan processing was done very professionally. Based on my experience with Home Loans I also started SIP for Mutual funds with Pparag. I highly recommend his services to all to help save time and money.
    Jashan Arora
  • Pparag Rughani helped me get my factory insured under business Factory Insurance. Further we got our Health Insurance also form him. Later when we decided to buy a bigger home, he helped us with the Home Loan too. JMC is my one stop for all my financial needs for their very efficient and prompt service. I am super happy with the all my financial needs being catered under one roof and feel safe and secure having a financial doctor !!
    Dharmesh Thakkar
    Plastic Packaging manufacturer
  • Pparag Rughani has helped me save around Rs 25000+ each month by not only reducing my home loan rate through Balance transfer but also by helping me secure a commercial purchase loan at a much lower rate. Overall it has been a win win situation since I started working with him and now all the money I saved from my loan EMI, I am now investing in Mutual funds.
    Ishan Varia
    Equity Stock Broker
  • JMC has been my trusted advisor for all my financial decisions. Pparag has helped me become debt free and helped me grow my savings. He helped us switch to the right funds at the right time which makes my MF portfolio look so much more profitable. I have opted for a special Insurance plan that doubles up as my Retirement savings. Knowing Pparag is taking care of my finances helps me sleep better.
    Preeti Muzumdar
    Entrepreneur Coach
  • Mr. Pparag Rughani has helped us with several loans over a period of time. The experience we share with his firm is exceptionally good. We relied on his expertise, for any form of mortgage financing. Pparag has been helpful, in our toughest experiences, while dealing with financial institutions. We do not hesitate to give much deserved credit to him, for our financial growth, through investments in markets or properties. We are sure, any nuclear family can depend on him for easy and best negotiated terms with financial institutions.
    Sadaf Aboli
    Corporate Lawyer
  • During the Pandemic I was looking for a better Home Loan deal and wanted to do balance transfer. Pparag Rughani was referred by friend who helped us get a much lower EMI and help me save money at the right time. This helped me to start a SIP. Not only did I reduce my cost of finance but also ended saving for my future through Mutual funds. Further we even got a Health Insurance policy through Pparag
    Rahul Jha
    VP - Event Managment Firm
  • Just like every family has a family doctor Pparag Rughani is our Family Financial Doctor. Whenever we needed a Home Loan anyone in the family will only go to Pparag. And now we have him managing our Health and Life Insurance. I referred him to my brother who needed a Business Loan and Pparag assisted him very professionally. Thank you Pparag for being our Financial Doctor.
    Sanjeev Chedda
    LED manufacturing Business
  • I was referred to Pparag through my estate agent when I was buying my home. At that time I was really struggling to get a good Home Loan deal. But Pparag helped me get a fantastic deal and also a very economical rate. This helped build my faith and trust in him and now he is managing my Life Insurance needs and he even helped me plan my son's education fund through unique Insurance policies.
    Praful Shah
    Corporate Professional
  • I have known Pparagbhai since childhood and I have always relied upon him for advice when it comes to finances. When I decided to buy a house, he was my go to person and with his help I took a Home Loan which helped in many ways. When we did a review of my financial portfolio, he rightly advised me to opt for Medical Insurance which he helped me sort out. Working with Pparagbhai I realized that I could save money and grow my money and therefore I decided to join hands with him and become a referral partner to help more and more people.
    Priyank Limbachiya
    Event Manager and Chef
  • I have been working as a Real Estate Consultant for the past 20 years and haven't met anyone as experienced and professional as Pparag. He has always helped me and my clients get the best deals and at the best rate possible. Whatever the issue whether its property title or income issues, he has been able to resolve it and get favorable deals for my clients. He helps our clients make informed decisions best suited to their needs and working with him has given confidence to offer the best deals to our clients,
    Bhavesh Trivedi
    Real Estate Consultant