Why to choose us for Loans

Best Deal Assurance to clients with relevant parameters.
  • Transparent and speedy processing.
  • Door step services for pick up of documentation and all other required assistance to take your application to next level.
  • Wide variety to choose from 20 Banking/Financial institutions to facilitate your needs.
  • We deliver with no strings attached - (No asterisk** marked for special exclusions or “subject to Terms and Conditions” )

At JMC avail loans anywhere from Rs 25 lakhs - Rs.100 crore with interest rates starting at 6.70% p.a. with additional benefits such as extended loan terms and flexible repayment options. Simple Documentation, Quick Processing, and excellent customer service with a response time of 30 – 45 minutes makes us a one stop solution for all your loan needs.

We offer the following Loan products/categories:

  • Home Loan
  • Loan against Property
  • Loan for commercial purchase shops/Industrial galas
  • Lease rental discounting
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Balance Transfer – Home Loan Transfer
  • Home loan & LAP Top Up
  • Overdraft Against Property
  • Working Capital (Cash Credit facility), Letter of Credit (LC), Bank Guarantee (BG)
  • SME & Wholesale Banking.
  • Business Unsecured Loans.
  • Loan against securities (Stocks & Mutual Funds).

Product Loan Amount
Home Loan 25L - 100Cr
Home Renovation 20L - 100L
Home Loan Top-Up 20L - 5Cr
Loan Against Property
(Residential,Commercial,Shop,Industrial Gala)
20L - 35Cr
Commercial Purchase Loan (Shop/Office) 20L - 50Cr
Cash Credit/WC 50L - 50Cr
LC/PC FC/Export Cr/BG 50L - 50Cr
O/D Against Property 20L - 35Cr
O/D Against Securities (Stocks/MF) 20L - 100Cr
Lease Rental Discounting 25L - 50Cr
Construction Finance 1Cr - 100Cr

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What is the rate at which I will get Home Loan?
Home Loan rates are decided by financial institutions depending on Repo Rate. At JMC we ensure you get the best possible rate as we work with multiple banks and financial institutions. Depending on a number of factors such as your Income, your Credit Rating, Property details decide your eligibility. To know more about your eligibility, WhatsApp ELIGIBILITY to +91 7208584587.
What amount of Loan I will get? (for HL, LAP & WC)
At JMC we work with the best financial institutions and banks to get you the maximum amount of loan which could be from a range between 60% - 130% of the property value.
I am a Business Owner and not salaried how much Loan can I get
Business Owners are equally eligible for Home Loan / Loan Against property as much as salaried individuals. Depending on your Financial and Income statements of your business, your credit rating and other Assets & Liabilities statements etc. your eligibility will be decided. To know more about your eligibility, WhatsApp ELIGIBILITY to +91 7208584587.

In the past decade we have worked with many Business Owners and Entrepreneurs (almost 90% of our clientele till date ). We are popular for helping small business owners in particular who are generally not welcomed by Banks for extending loans, and have worked out the best deals in terms of highest eligibility as well as best competitive interest rates.
What is Lease Rental Discounting?
If you own Commercial Property that fetches you Rental Income each month, it is treated as income. Lease Rental Discounting is the loan that you can opt for against your FUTURE Rental Income (for next 10 to 15 years).
How much top up Loan can I get and can I get do a Balance Transfer
Top Up Loan is a loan given over and above the Home Loan or Loan Against Property amount. The maximum amount can depend on the Balance Outstanding Amount of the Home Loan or Loan Against property or a specific amount set by the bank. Depending on the terms of your existing loan and best deals we can do Balance Transfer of your existing Home Loan for a better deal.