Trade & Project Finance

This particular product requires good understanding of business and at JMC we are expertise with large experience to cater this segment. The project is developed through a separate, single-purpose legal entity. The debt of the project required by company is often completely separate from the sponsors direct obligations. The sponsors seek to maximize the debt-to-equity leverage of the project and the amount of debt is linked directly to the cash flow potential and to a lesser extent the liquidation value of the project and its assets.

JMC specializes on various needs for SME. It may be a manufacturing or trading unit. We ensure right marriages are conducted between client and banks as they require range of products under trade finance, such as term loans, working capital, over drafts, Machinery purchase loans, factoring and so on. At various stages all kind of funding are required to run the businesses. In competition generally one requires immediate enhancement as well which works well if the relationship with banks and client are brokered and managed well with understanding of future needs. This needs can be short or long term.